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Top 10 Koala Studios Design Advantages

Top 10 Koala Studios Design Advantages

One: Customization

Koala Studios are customized for you in our midwest facility with the utmost in craftmanship and quality. Every detail of your Koala Studio - from the environmentally-friendly, highest-grade engineered wood base to the steel components and decorative handles - were chosen with quality, elegance and luxury in mind.

Two: Rounded, Beveled Edges

Koala Studios feature rounded corners and beveled edges, enhancing the Studio's appearance and eliminating sharp edges and corners that snag fabric.

  • To achieve this, each board is precisely shapred with a computer-controlled diamond tip router, eliminiating the need for saws that leave sharp edges.
  • To incorporate this advanced design feature, the wood core must be made from a dense, high-grade, 3/4 inch fiberboard with no imperfections.

Three: Rich Elegant Finishes

  • Koala Studios are available in five elegant finishes and will enhance any decor.
  • Each Studio is finished in the same rich veneer and color throughout, making it as beautiful opened as it is closed.
  • The finish is a thick vinyl veneer that is hardwearing, scratch resistant, water resistant and easy to clean.

Four: Remote Glide Lift

Koala XL LIft The XL LIft holds the largest, heaviest machines, and features a rack and pinion direct drive powered by dual motors. It also requires an XL Machine Insert. The XL Lift comes standard on all the Artisan Studio Collection Models.

Koala E LIftThe Electric Glide LIft has been designed to support most machines and provide a stable platform at every position. Two solid rails extend the full length of the lift platform, and the direct drive rack and pinion system moves your machine smoothly and quietly. The E Lift comes standard on the Heritage SewMage and Cub Models.

Five: Large Capacity Full-Extension Drawers

Koala Studios feature Full-Extension Drawers that glide open and close softly. The silent soft-closing hydraulic cushion makes the drawers impossible to slam.

The 5/8-inch framed drawer boxes combined with the steel drawer glides are weight tested to hold up to 120 lbs., fully extended.

Six: Multi-Functional Bi-Fold Doors - Notion & Fabric Palettes

  • Minimize or maximize the Studio's space by using or removing the Multi-Functional Bi-Fold Doors.
  • If space is minimal, the doors can be folded flush to the sides of the Studio, or doors can be easily removed.
  • If room permits, usable surface space or storage can be added to the left or the right by attaching NOtion and Fabric Palettes to the weight-bearing doors.
  • The Palettes can be positioned within a 270-degree radius, providing usable surface ares where needed to support a variety of projects.
  • All Studios are designed to pair together and if needed, the Bi-Fold Doors can be removed and stored.

Seven: Customize the Width & Height

  • Koala Studios base models are built in widths of 31", 36", 53" and 70". Each model's footprint can be minimized or maximized depending on the Studio's designated space.
  • Choosing the ergonomically-correct height of a Studio is a personal decision based on the individual's desire to create while sitting, standing or both. Koala Studios have options in heights of 29-1/4", 32-1/4" and 35-1/4".
  • At 32-1/2" and 35-1/4" Koala Studios can be used comfortably while standing for cutting and placement of fabric. The taller height Studios can also be used comfortable while sitting with the adjustable Foot Control Rest and adjustable Koala SewComfort Chair.

Eight: Customize the Shelving, Accessories & Machine Inserts

The surface and storage of your Studio can be maximized with an outback leaf extension, outback shelves and storage boxes. This is ideal when the STudio is positioned toward the center of the room, allowing access from every side. A custom matching machine insert allows the Studio to be used by any brand of model of machines and enables the fabric to glide over the Studio surface.

Nine: Top Drawer Delivery Service

Koala Studios' Top Drawer Deliver Service is a premium in-home delivery option that delivers the Studio into the owner's home and room of their choice. The delivery team will unpack your studio, add casters, doors, drawers and (optional) Outback Leaf Extension. After the delivery team positions it, the owner only needs to attach their palettes, adjustable shelves and accessories.

Ten: Warranty

10-Year Limited Warranty

As part of our promise of quality and responsibility, Koala Studios provides you with a 10-Year Limited Warranty covering major components of your cabinet. This warranty protects against manufacturer's defects in the workmanship and materials of certain components in your Koala Studio, specifically the Electric Glide LIft system, individual parts incorporated into the cabinet frame, drawer glide, hinges and handles.