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What’s the Best Sewing Cabinet Height For Me?

What’s the Best Sewing Cabinet Height For Me?

Sewing height is a personal preference, although you should consider whether you prefer to sew while seated, standing or possibly both. You should also factor in if there are challenges for you relating to things like eyesight and other physical limitations. For most models, Koala provides three cabinet height choices.

Sewing While Seated

• For optimum sewing comfort, ensure that you’ve adjusted your chair where your feet are level on the floor, your hands are positioned at center front of the sewing machine needle and your forearms rest on the tabletop surface.

• Make sure that you are seated straight, your head is upright and your sightline for sewing feels natural.

• For most sewers, our standard Koala cabinet height of 29-1/4” will work, although if you are taller, a height modification of 32-1/4” is best.

Sewing While Standing

• You may prefer to sew while standing. Keep in mind comfy shoes are key! Center your core and keep your hands at center front of the sewing machine needle. Your forearms should rest loosely on the table-top surface.

• Take note that you are standing upright and not leaning too far forward. With these measures your sight line should be in an optimum position.

• A Koala cabinet height of 35-1/4” may be the best option or if you are shorter in stature, consider the 32-1/4”.

Sewing For Both Seated and Standing

If you prefer to both sit and stand, start by choosing the right standing height that meets your personal needs. Then when seated, you can make any necessary adjustments with your chair.

Koala provides several other options to ensure you sew in comfort.

For most models, Koala provides three cabinet height choices. Our standard height is 29-1/4” and we also offer modifications of 32-1/4” and 35-1/4”.

• Adjustable Foot Control Rest Platform positions your sewing machine foot control at a comfortable height. It fits on top of the base of the studio and is available for most models. It is only available by request.

• Machine Lift Platform enables you to effortlessly position your machine at any level with just the push of a button. The Koala E Lift supports most machines and provides a stable platform, while the XL Lift safely supports the largest, heaviest machines.

• Koala SewComfort Chair offers a six-way ergonomic adjustment that allows you to sew with the ultimate comfort.

Customization is the name of the game here at Koala, and that doesn't only apply to matching your machines. We want your sewing and creative process to be as enjoyable as possible. Using these tips to find the perfect height is just another way to make sure you can sew in total comfort.