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Koala Studios Embroidery Center Sewing Cabinet
Koala Studios Embroidery Center Hoop Storage
Koala Studios Embroidery Center with Caddy
Koala Studios Embroidery Center
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Embroidery Center

Embroidery Center

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The ultimate space-saving embroidery table, the Koala Studios Embroidery Center is ideal for top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machines in smaller spaces.

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Product Details

Outback Leaf Extension Included.

Easy-roll, lockable casters

Rounded Corners and Beveled Edges

Electric Glide Lift

A Glide-Out Embroidery Module and Hoop Closet easily holds your hoops and embroidery module for Baby Lock and Brother machines. It conveniently keeps it out of the way while you work and puts them within reach in seconds.

Creative Center Dimensions: 52-3/8"W x 24-5/8"D x 32-1/2"H (outback leaf removed) 52-3/8"W x 25-1/2"D x 32-1/2"H (outback leaf attached and lowered) 52-3/8"W x 48-3/8"D x 32-1/2"H (outback leaf extended)

Adjustable Foot-Control Rest Included. Four height options to fit any body: 3 ¼", 4", 4-7/8", or 6"

320 pounds


Perfect for smaller sewing rooms, the Embroidery Center packs all of Koala’s best design features into a compact design, ideal for all your project needs. The included glide-out Embroidery Module/Hoop and Thread Closet ensures you have sewing storage where you need it the most, while the built-in machine lift gives you complete control and ergonomic comfort. For more information about the Koala Embroidery Center, download the spec sheet.

Watch our video to learn more about our Creative Center Base Models.

Koala Studios- Embroidery Center Features

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Created 2021-07-11
Embroidery Center - A Little Disappointed

I was so excited to get my sewing/embroidery cabinet, but it appears that the company has made some changes that are disappointing. One is that there is now a plastic insert, rather than the wooden one like a friend of mine has. It makes the cabinet look a little bit "cheap." The other thing that is extremely disappointing is that once the embroidery attachment is stored below, there is no room for the embroidery hoops, despite the fact there are hooks for them. You can store either the attachment or the hoops, but not both. They just won't fit. I also paid lot of money to supposedly have and expert put the cabinet together. It turns out that the delivery people just unboxed it and dropped it off, and a man from one of the stores came to put the cabinet together. $500 for an hour's work? I wish I could make those wages. I should have checked before he left, but one of the screws holding the slide for the embroidery attachment is coming out. So I have to call the man back to fix it. Finally, so much for the cabinet being clean (white glove?) ready to use. There is saw dust inside the attachment area, and I'll have to clean that. This is a very expensive purchase, and I saved my money a long time to do it. I would suggest that anyone wanting to make this purchase that they go to a store where they can put their hands on the cabinet. I made my purchase based on a friend's purchase from about eight years ago, and my cabinet doesn't measure up to hers. With all that said, I think I'll enjoy it once I start using it, but it has been a disappointing start.