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Care and Maintenance for your Koala Studio

Care and Maintenance for your Koala Studio

Properly caring for and maintaining your Koala Studio is an important aspect of lengthening the life of your cabinet. Follow the recommendations below to keep you Koala in great shape.

All Koala Studios are finished with a thick vinyl veneer that is mar-resistant, water resistant, and beautiful. Veneer of this quality has a wonderful richness of color but is not bullet proof. Always take care when using scissors, rotary cutters, notions, and other accessories that may present any damage to the studio.

For general care, your Koala Studio may be cleaned with a damp cloth, then wiped dry if necessary, mild soap and water may be used. Do not use oils, waxes, bleach or abrasives. Do not place, position, or store your studio near sources of moisture. Avoid setting anything hot on the tabletop, that includes irons or mugs, pressing mats and coasters are always recommended. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures and extreme sunlight exposure to ensure your studio has the longest life possible.

We are sure you are going to love your Koala Studio. Follow the tips mentioned above and you will enjoy your Koala for years to come.