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How to Organize Your Sewing Room

How to Organize Your Sewing Room

A well-organized sewing and crafting room should be functional and inspire you to spend more time creating the things you love the most. All it takes are a few simple modifications for you to transform your space from ho-hum to amazing. Let’s get started!

Arranging Your Space

You may already have set up in a cozy nook, a shared space like a family room, an unused space or even a dedicated room to sew. With a few simple tips and budget-friendly finds, you can arrange your space so that it is both practical and functional.

• Start with selecting a spot you’d like to place your sewing cabinet or work surface. Consider if you prefer to sew and craft while seated, standing or both.

• A corner will work for your ironing board. When stowed away, save space by using a wall mount or over the door mount ironing board caddy.

• Repurpose a hutch, sideboard, dresser, or even a bar cart for additional storage. Adding casters to the base allows for more floor space when needed.

The Best Lighting

Well placed lighting is essential and by including multiple light sources it can only enhance how you utilize your space. So, let’s shine some light on the basics!

• First-up is ambient lighting, which is overhead light found at the center of the room and serves to illuminate the entire space.

• The next layer is task lighting which focuses on specific targeted zones. Try a task lamp at your sewing cabinet, a pendant light over your ironing board and a table lamp at your work surface.

• Last of all is accent lighting. These are decorative lights like wall sconces that are a great way to add additional light and elevate the design of your space.

Storage and Organization

Take a cue from the office supply or even thrift stores and discover great storage solutions to organize your fabric, notions and craft materials.

• See-through bins hold an assortment of supplies. Stack them up and save space.

• Open shelving, a wall system unit or even hanging baskets keep everything within reach.

• For smaller everyday items consider letter trays, stackable caddies or desk organizers.

• A freestanding clothes rack or a repurposed standing towel rack is a great space-saving option. They keep your projects within view, brings components all together and stay neatly organized.

• A vision board or mood board mounted on the wall is a great tool to collect all your creative ideas in one spot. Pin up your fabric swatches and other materials to visualize your project goals. It’s sure to be a fun source of inspiration!