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Smooth Sewing with the Koala Acrylic Insert

Smooth Sewing with the Koala Acrylic Insert

All three of the Koala Studios creative centers feature an XL Electric Glide Lift. These lifts operate on a direct drive rack and pinion system on a dual steel track for smooth and safe lifting.

The XL Electric Glide Lift offers flexibility with your studio. If you are embroidering, just move the lift to sit flat with the top of your cabinet and attach your machine’s embroidery arm. If you want to stow away your cabinet to allow for a clear workspace, just lower the lift all the way and your machine can be stored safely away under the table top. Add the included filler board and you have a smooth workspace perfect for any hobby or activity. If you want a smooth sewing surface, lower your machine so the sewing bed is flush with the table top and put your XL Custom Cut Koala Acrylic Machine Insert in place.

These inserts are custom cut to fit your exact machine make and model to ensure a tight fit every time. Made from heavy gauge acrylic, each insert is smooth and allows fabric to glide over your sewing cabinet with ease. Forget about running out of bobbin thread or losing a quilt square or half square triangle under your insert, the clear acrylic material makes it easy to see what is happening under the surface of your studio. From quilting to garment construction and beyond, acrylic inserts are the perfect accessory for any sewing project.

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