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An Essential How-To

Koala Cabinet Assembly Videos

1: Arrival and Delivery

Moving the cabinet into the home.

2: Unboxing and Staging

Unpacking and staging for assembly.

It’s delivery day and your new Koala cabinet has arrived! Koala Studios has created a series of instructional videos to guide you through the moving, unboxing and assembly of your new cabinet and accessories. Each video is sequentially outlined with all the step-by-step details. Just follow these assembly instructions for the smoothest possible installation ever. These are proven techniques and we know you will be able to do it easily and successfully. Let’s get started!

3: Caster Installation

Attaching the casters.

4: Cabinet Drawer Installation

Positioning and attaching the drawers.

5: Thread & Embroidery Closet Installation

Correct location and placement for the thread and embroidery closets.

6: Cabinet Door Installation

Mounting the cabinet doors on pre-installed hardware.

7: Cabinet Door Adjustment

Raising and lowering doors to leveled positions.

8: Cabinet Door Shelves Installation

Installing a set of two or a set of four optional door shelves.

9: Notions and Fabric Palette Installation

Correct location and placement for Notions and Fabric Palettes.

10: Outback Leaf Installation

Mount the Outback Leaf on pre-installed hardware.

11: Outback Shelves Installation

Properly installing the Outback Shelves

Step 12: Sewing Machine Lift Test

Ensuring the machine lift works smoothly and effortlessly.

13: Sewing Machine & Insert Placement

Proper placement of the insert for your specific machine and cabinet.

14: Wrapping Up the Delivery

Organizing remaining components.

15: Trouble Shooting the Sewing Machine Lift

Helpful steps if your machine lift will not operate up or down.