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Our unfinished basement used to be a repository for everything we didn’t know what to do with….my “aha” moment resulted in it becoming a dream-come-true sewing room. The addition of a new Koala Bernina Studio, matching RollAbout Plus and SewComfort Chair make it a space I never want to leave!

My Sewing Room Takeover

I took over the family room downstairs… it’s the only room big enough to hold the Koala and the longarm. It’s usually a mess… but that could be because I USE it!

My Koala Bernina Studio

My sewing room is now equipped with a Koala BERNINA Studio. This model is a perfect fit for my BERNINA machine and has an ample storage area for the embroidery unit and hoops. The BERNINA Studio also features a built-in Thread Closet that I've already filled up!

My SewMate Plus

I chose the SewMate Plus IV to add to my sewing room. Now I have plenty of room to store my favorite notions and create my next project on my HUSQVARNA VIKING®.

My Florida Sewing Room

Koala cabinets are the perfect fit for my Florida sewing room. I still have room for a sofa and a TV!

My Sewing Space

The TreasureChest, the RollAbout Plus and the Cub Plus make a perfect space! And that wonderful chair! I painted the roses on the wall by projecting a photo onto the wall and painting over it.