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How to Design Your Ideal Studio

You are creative-minded, with a sense of style and want a sewing cabinet equally on-point. Whether you’re looking for a studio suite or a compact cabinet, Koala Studios offer a vast array of options.


How to Place a Sewing Machine and Insert Into Your Studio

The Electric Glide Lift featured in each Koala Studio is paired with a custom insert to provide a flat, even sewing surface that allows fabric to glide easily as you work. Each wood machine insert is made to match the machine's make and model in the same finish as the ordered studio. Watch as Nancy shows you how to easily place  sewing machine and an insert into a Koala cabinet.


How to Adjust the Doors on Your Koala Studio

Did you know? The doors on your Koala Studio are functional pieces of the cabinet. They have the ability to close to conceal your studio and drawers, fold back to leave more space, on shelves for additional storage space. If you find your doors rub the top of the studio, not closing correctly, or not meeting evenly in the middle, watch this video to resolves these issues making minor adjustments.